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Build Our Future


Our Vision

Expanding Our Home


Elegant Design

We envision a space that is conducive to our entire community. By having a completely retractable roof as well as sliding glass walls, this space is perfect for those cold icy days as well as warm sunny ones. Our eco-friendly design with the addition of planters will provide a green and sustainable outdoor-like experience. 


Multiuse Functionality

This space would enable us to not only host more people for Shabbat and Chagim but also allow us to run outdoor events much more efficiently throughout the year. By being a heated area during the winter, our community would be able to enjoy BBQs, Pizza making, and many other special events. 


Dining Buildout

Currently, we are at full capacity on Shabbat and other holidays throughout the year. Reaching these high numbers on a weekly basis is truly a blessing. Though, in order to accommodate everyone comfortably an expansion of our dear dining hall is necessary. Cornell Dining is doing its best to accommodate this multitude of students but they expect us to do so as well. 


Sukkah Friendly

Each year we build a beautifully decorated sukkah for the community to rejoice in through the holiday. By enclosing this outdoor area and creating this space, we would be able to celebrate sukkot in a more comfortable and pleasant manner. With an easy-to-use retractable roof, we would be able to simply convert the structure into a sukkah. This would enable not only a more efficient building process but a more pleasant holiday altogether. 

Hear From Students


Eco-Friendly Design

Heated Space

Retractable Roof

Urban Garden

Dining Friendly

Study Area

 Help Build Our Future

106 West Ave

Ithaca, NY 14850

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