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Our Future

As the CJL house and 104West! facilities have supported community growth over the past 50+ years, the buildings have required repairs big and small. In the coming years, the buildings are due for a large renovation and there is much work to do. We ask that you partner with us and help restore our dear home and dining hall to its former glorified state.  

Recent Projects


Beit Midrash

During winter break, CJL students have worked together to clean up and reorganize the beit midrash. They worked tirelessly to install new bookshelves. build a new table as well as paint the room. Although they have come very far they still need help funding chairs for the space. Please help them complete this project to promote collaborative Torah learning, click below:

Piano Room 

The Piano Room is the center for many events run by the CJL. This room is constantly utilized by students, faculty and visitors for many different events. Recently, the old squeaky wood floors in this room have been replaced and finished beautifully. Additionally, a new piano has been bought by the students. To finish this space nicely, the students would like to get new furniture for this room to replace the old and worn-out pieces currently there. To help fund this click below:

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-25 at 22.38.14 44.jpg

104West! Renovation

The kosher dining hall 104West! is in need of major repair in order to continue functioning properly. There are many things that need repairs and replacement such as windows, pipes, and structural walls. To help fund these projects and save the dining hall click below:

1st Floor Bathroom

The bathroom on the first floor of the CJL which is utilized by many students on a daily basis is in distress. Firstly, the inconvenience of having one stall for about 30+ students on a given night is grave. Additionally, the shower is leaking and the entire space is becoming very old and dilapidated. Help to make this space more suitable for the students by clicking here:


Dining Patio Area

The patio area outside the dining hall is unfortunately not utilized due to a dirty and unappealing concrete floor and surrounding area. To correct this, students have power washed the area but still need your help in making a nice outdoor sitting area with stylish furniture and pavers. Please click below to help with this project:

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